What is Chiropractic?

The Chiropractic Adjustment

Well, what exactly does a Chiropractor do? A chiropractic adjustment, also known as joint manipulation helps to release joints and reduce the pressure that we put on these joints.  A big part of why this treatment works, is because of how the brain and nervous system connects to the body.

When we have muscular or spinal dysfunction in the body, this affects the way that the body and the brain communicates with each other.  For example, if we are sitting at work all day, we will start to slouch and stop using our correct postural muscles, causing these muscles to 'switch off'.  This leads to the brain sending incorrect signals to these muscles and surrounding joints, which can lead to injuries.

When a joint in adjusted or manipulated, it can improve the rate at which information is sent from the brain to the body, allowing for pain relief and improved joint function.  

What does a Chiropractor do?

Muscle release is in conjunction with joint adjustment at Healthy Backs Chiropractic Clinic.  The muscles and joints in the body work very closely with each other to optimise your movement.  As a result, when we have dysfunction in a joint, this can place extra strain on surrounding muscles, and vice versa.  In addition,  muscles will often compensate for restricted joint movement, causing tightness of muscles.

Releasing muscles not only helps to improve pain and mobility, it also allows the chiropractor to provide effective adjustments.   


Exercise is an important part of treatment and recovery.  At Healthy Backs Chiropractic Clinic in South Windsor, the chiropractor will give you specific home exercises and stretches that are prescribed specifically for condition.  These exercises will help with maintaining how you feel after your treatment.  Stretches will help with further loosening muscles and joints, and improving your movement.  Strengthening exercises will help with improving postural awareness, balance and reducing pain.